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     Antique Czech Perfume Bottle w/Dauber Yellow

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LARGE Yellow Vintage CZECH Perfume Bottle "XTRA TALL"



Antique Czech Perfume Bottle w/Dauber

Antique CZECH perfume Bottle Blue Cupid

LARGE Yellow Vintage CZECH Perfume Bottle "XTRA TALL"

LARGE Yellow Vintage CZECH Perfume Bottle "XTRA TALL"


This is a wonderful genuine vintage scent / perfume bottle from Czechoslovakia.

This one is a BIGGEE! It measures over 8.5 inches tall and weighs almost a pound at 14 oz!

The bottle photographs as if it had a yellow base and a white top, and it looks that way in some light, BUT in all actuality, it's YELLOW!

You can see when I photographed the stopper on a white towel, the STOPPER IS YELLOW -- DEEPEST YELLOW AT THE BASE and slowly fading to a lighter yellow and then to almost clear at the top.

A very unusual presentation!The dauber is almost 8" in length to the tip of the dauber. The dauber has been repaired. The two bottom corners of the stopper have chips, but easily noticed because the starburst patterned cuts are so brilliant. You really have to work and move the stopper around in different lights to see the chips.

The base of the bottle is also cut in with the brilliant starburst cuts, which I have tried to show in the photos. The interior of the bottle could use some cleaning. I have cleaned it a bit but it could use some more attention.

The bottom of the bottle is marked MADE IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA in a circular acid etched mark.
If you collect fine fragrance bottles, this old favorite is a must for your collection! ID=CZ69

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